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    Personal Checks with dog breed designs at ~ over 40 different breeds.

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  • Dog Harnesses

    Buy harnesses for Chihuahuas and other small dogs online.

    Fashion Forward Dog Harness - 5/8"
    These fashion forward dog harnesses have developed a loyal following for their unique styling and enduring quality. Brass hardware and waterproof buckles make this dog harness durable and rugged....
    Mayan Groove Dog Harness
    Like your dog, these dog harness designs are one of a kind. Made of fabric handwoven in unique, colorful patterns and symbols by Mayans and assembled in the USA. And theyre built to last, with...
    Web Master Dog Harness
    Crafted by outdoorsmen for helping dogs navigate rough terrain, the Web Master Dog Harness is now a favorite amongst veterinarians for dogs recovering from leg surgery or suffering from joint pain....

    Designer Dog Harnesses ~ Wide variety of colors and patterns including Pink Camo, Skulls & Bows, Rasta, Polka Dot, and more.

    Designer Dog Harnesses

    More small dog accessories for sale online at HotDogCollars.

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